Joxean Koret

Joxean Koret has been working for some ~20 years in many different computing areas. He started as a database software developer and DBA for a number of different RDBMS. Eventually he turned towards reverse engineering and applied this DB insights to discover dozens of vulnerabilities in major database products, especially Oracle. He also worked in areas like malware analysis, anti-malware software development and developing IDA Pro at Hex-Rays. He is currently a principal security engineer.

Raúl Caro Teixido

Raúl Caro is a cybersecurity researcher currently working at Telefónica Tech. In the past he was an organizer of the BitUp Alicante group. In 2020 he published, as a co-author, Mystique (a tool focused convert-channels for post-exploitation and exfiltration) in BlackHat Arsenal USA. He also presented the workshop "Design and Deploy your own Private Infrastructure" at BlackHat Arsenal 2022. And finally, he presented Kraken (web post exploitation tool) at Hc0n 2023. In his spare time, he has organized some CTFs like the ones at BitUp Alicante and also researches about Active Directory, Defense Evasion, Web Exploitation and everything related to the Red Team world.

Danjiel Grah

Danijel Grah has been in cyber security for almost ten years. He began his career as a consultant, later moved into research, and today at NIL he works in the Security Operations Center (SOC). Danijel has rich experience in penetration testing and security hardening, programming, consulting, and developing systems of cyber defense. He has published and presented research papers at various international conferences in the field of information security, and he has confirmed his knowledge and experience with industry certificates such as GRID.

Pavel Zhovner

Techno Freak | Flipper Zero Developer

Arnau Gàmez

Catalan hacker, reverse engineer and mathematician, with an extensive background in code (de)obfuscation research and Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic expressions, and vast industry experience as a malware analyst and security engineer. Founder of Fura Labs, a research and education firm on software security and reverse engineering. Co-founder and president of Hacking Lliure, a non-profit association and hacking community. Speaker and trainer at several international security conferences.

Alexis Fernández

Alexis Fernandez (a.k.a. six2dez) is a pentester and bug hunter with extensive experience in Linux system administration and programming. Passionate about asset recognition and discovery techniques, author of several open source projects such as reconFTW, OneListForAll or PentestBook and collaborator in multiple other projects related to offensive security and recon. Currently working in Visma's internal Red Team and active in different Bug Bounty platforms. Translated with (free version)

Tània Diaz

Professional in the field of computer security with experience in hardware evaluation and cryptography. Graduated in mathematics with a major in computer science and has studied steganographic techniques. She currently works as an evaluator, performing tests on hardware, specifically focused on side channel and fault injection attacks. She has also participated in several hacking conferences as a hobby.

Luis Toro

Luis Toro Puig is a professional who started his career in IT as a systems technician. His career in cybersecurity began in 2019 in SOCs for the banking and energy sector. After consolidating his experience protecting assets, he jumped to the offensive side as a pentester in PCI environments and has recently turned his focus towards specializing in Kubernetes and container systems. Creator of byp4xx and He currently works as a security consultant at NCC Group.

Daniel López

Daniel (a.k.a. ATTL4S) started his journey in the hacking world in 2018, practicing and gaining knowledge through platforms such as Hack the Box. He currently works at NCC Group as a Managing Security Consultant. His areas of technical interest predominantly include Windows OS, corporate environments, identity technologies and threat simulation. Daniel enjoys giving presentations and small talks in order to keep learning and improving his skills, as well as contributing to the community with his blog and youtube channel @ATTL4S.

Igor Pallin

Igor Pallin is a cybersecurity technician for digital security research projects at Vicomtech. Among the different projects in which he has participated, the following stand out: The management of the cybersecurity laboratory of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub (recognized as European Digital Innovation Hub), cybersecurity projects on digital twins of various sectors and critical infrastructures (industry 4.0, health, CBRN and finance) and research in 5G and V2X communications.

Jorge Escabias

Graduated in Mathematical Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master in Cybersecurity from the International University of La Rioja. He has extensive knowledge in Ethical Hacking and Exploiting and has the main certifications in the market as the OSCP and OSCE of Offensive Security and Red Team (CRTO, CRTO II, CRTE) and several of the Pro Labs of Hack The Box. He is currently pentester and collaborator of Osane Consulting.

Josep Moreno

Pentester in the Root52 of S2Grupo, teacher in the Digitech master of offensive security and hacking. Organizer of the BitUpAlicante event. I have been a speaker at many events, and I collaborate with all kinds of communities related to the world of computer security.

Antonio Vázquez

Industrial Engineer who has made the leap into the world of Cybersecurity Research. Passionate about electronics, reversing (especially binary "bare metal"), radio frequency and everything "low level".

Jesús Mª Gomez

Computer engineer specialized in security, with interest in low-level development and operation of computer systems.

Mariano Palomo

Graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Granada and passionate about computer security, especially in the fields of reversing, malware analysis and research. He currently works as a malware analyst at Entelgy Innotec Security along with other experts in this area. He has participated as speaker in events such as RootedCON, Jornadas STIC CCN-CERT or FIRST Bilbao Technical Colloquium. Translated with (free version)

Miguel Ángel Hernández

Miguel Ángel Hernández is the founder and promoter of EuskalHack. Self-taught with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, he has worked in the area of systems and cybersecurity in various fields, such as specialised consultancies, telecommunications companies, industry and public administration. In recent years, he has also been a specialised teacher of computer security and is currently developing his professional activity focused on digital security for the public sector.

EuskalHack Team

We are a non-profit organisation established in the Basque Country in 2015 and made up of various professionals linked to computer security research. Our aim is to promote the community and culture in the field of digital security to any type of interested public, whether public or private, by promoting and disseminating mainly technical knowledge.